We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Chanelle Figueroa as our Lead Coordinator for the upcoming Miami Swim Week. Chanelle steps into this pivotal role to manage the Rodeo Swim coordination staff with a wealth of experience. Besides orchestrating high-caliber events, she ensures every facet runs smoothly and spectacularly.

Rodeo Swim Coordination with Backstage Brilliance

Chanelle will deftly manage the dynamic back-of-house activities, bringing her comprehensive expertise to the forefront of our fashion events. Under her vigilant coordination, designers and models will find seamless collaboration and presentation, making every Rodeo Swim show a masterpiece of timing and talent.

Ailene Torres, Rodeo Swim’s Executive Producer, asserts, “Chanelle’s arrival marks a strategic move. Her vision elevates our team’s organizational structure, dynamism, and event ingenuity.”

Explicitly Leading Teams to Triumph

Undoubtedly, with Chanelle organizing our back-of-house operations, our coordinators create an unparalleled experience that will be felt throughout the production. Her leadership promises to enhance the workflow and inject a vibrant spirit into the heart of Rodeo Swim operations.

A Record of Remarkable Achievements

Evidently having successfully managed numerous upscale events, Chanelle’s active engagement and strategic planning stand as a testament to her professional prowess. She is the driving force we trust to deliver a flawless execution of the Rodeo Swim experience.

Finally Join Our Rodeo Swim Coordination Volunteer Team!

Now, as we approach the Miami Swim Season, we extend a warm invitation to volunteers. If you wish to dive into the world of fashion and event management and want to contribute to social media, glam squads, or the logistics of both front-of-house and back-of-house operations, Rodeo Swim offers you a golden opportunity. Apply today and take an active role in shaping an event celebrated for its innovation and style — click here to apply. Together, we’ll set the stage for an extraordinary Miami Swim Season!