This casting update is a show of solidarity and respect for our PRIDE community, Rodeo Swim is excited to announce a change-of-date for our much-anticipated casting event. Initially slated for April 13th, we’ve decided to shift gears and make a grand entrance on April 20th. This decision allows us to honor the cultural celebrations of our PRIDE friends and ensures that everyone has the opportunity to shine.

Mark Your Calendars: Casting Update New Date, 4.20

We invite models and photography talent to join us on this new date, April 20th, for an unforgettable casting and content experience. This may be our only casting for the season, so it’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss. Make sure to RSVP here to secure your spot and be a part of the magic that is Rodeo Swim. This is an event where the casting takes place from start to finish, so consequently, plan accordingly!

Tip of the Hat: Feeling the Vibe of Cowboy Carter

As the buzz around Beyoncé’s latest release, Cowboy Carter, continues to grow, we at Rodeo Swim couldn’t be more thrilled. With our cowboy hats in hand and the album’s tracks playing in the background, we’re fully embracing the country glitz vibe. This album will not only be the soundtrack to the summer but also the vibe to our swim season. With that in mind, stay tuned for our DJ announcement, where we will reveal the beatmaker behind Rodeo Swim’s Cowboy Carter-inspired soundtrack.

Flyer with disco ball reflective cowboy hat as centerpiece on top of black box with the rodeo swim logo and miami swim week text. a plus event logo and the url: www. background image is beach with palm trees at sunset
Have you got your cowboy hat? We are riding astride on this one.

Don’t Miss Out: Fabulous Giveaway Prizes Await

Our giveaway is still going strong, with fantastic prizes up for grabs. From MD Solar Sciences’ Gleam and Glow skincare set to a bottle of Tito’s and a mystery prize, there’s plenty to get excited about. Be sure to follow all the steps of the giveaway to qualify. Click here to read the rules and enter for your chance to win. Note: If you’ve already entered for the previous date, that entry remains valid.

Want to Hear from You: Share Your Favorite Cowboy Carter Song

As we gear up for the casting event and the upcoming Miami Swim Season, we want to hear from you. Tell us in the comments which Cowboy Carter song has captured your heart so far. Your feedback not only fuels our excitement but also helps us create an event that resonates with you.

Remember, the casting event on April 20th is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more updates on our Swim Season Calendar and get ready for a season filled with fashion, fun, and the unforgettable vibes of Rodeo Swim and Cowboy Carter.