• Grassroots: Our marketing push began with the grassroots buzz generated from the models’ anticipation to walk into our show from previous experience and our Instagram marketing. This resulted in a wildly successful initial casting in April that generated more than 10,000 views on our primary account alone.
  • Digital Marketing: We have set aside 20% of our budget to spend on advertising between all platforms with most of that going toward digital marketing on all relevant platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and Snapchat. We are promoting the event ticket links, streaming, and our website/socials
  • Paid Placed: We will place our press release on critical fashion trades, blogs, and portals. We have already worked with Fashion Week Online, the premier portal for all fashion week shows with a discount code for their VIP membership.
  • Earned: We have already confirmed the media and photographers who will be in attendance. Our relationships include Getty photographers, NOW Magazine, Deco Drive, and more. Our PR has been successful in turning out the press and this year is no different. We have seating set aside for the media who will be covering the show.
  • PR: Our PR representative is successful in getting our release placed and confirmed by all press including fashion VIPS, photographers, and editors. We are turnkey in this process at this point.
  • Influencers: We are utilizing verified influencers with high engagement and significant followings. They will have an affiliate link and promote the show on their channels.