Miami swim week July 7th 2023

Miami swim week July 7th 2023

Spend a few hours amid a summer’s night dream where fantasy overcomes duty.

A life of luxe and freedom manifests in the real world in swim, resort, and yacht wear.

For one night only enter a faerie land full of sustainable whimsy and wonder as fashion’s
top talent showcases their hottest designs for play on land and sea.

Join us for drinks and music around the runway and become king or queen in a
midsummer night’s dream.


Ailene Torres is a seasoned event coordinator with over 25 years of experience in the corporate, political, and entertainment sectors. Throughout her illustrious career, Ms. Torres has curated and executed a diverse range of events including campaign kick-offs, galas, holiday events, and parties. Notably, she has produced three highly successful swim weeks and has gained international acclaim for her creative and innovative approach to event planning.

Drawing on her extensive experience and global perspective, Ms. Torres is committed to expanding her swim week platform and including other events. Her passion for event planning, combined with her exceptional organizational skills and keen eye for detail, ensures that every event she produces is an unparalleled success. With her unwavering commitment to excellence, Ms. Torres is poised to continue leading the industry and providing her clients with exceptional event experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Under the expert leadership of Ms. Torres, a dynamic and highly skilled event committee has been assembled to ensure the success of the upcoming event. Comprised of nine carefully selected members, the committee boasts a diverse range of talents and expertise.

At the helm of the committee are production professionals who are widely regarded as the best in their field, bringing a wealth of experience and creativity to the event. In addition, the committee includes a former ambassador, whose diplomatic skills and global perspective will be invaluable, as well as a representative from the charity that will benefit from the show.

The committee also features an auction organizer who will bring their extensive knowledge of fundraising events to the table. Moreover, the show hosts and other relevant stakeholders have been carefully chosen to ensure that every aspect of the event is executed with the utmost professionalism and precision.

Under the guidance of Ms. Torres, this highly capable event committee is poised to deliver an unforgettable experience that will delight guests and benefit the charitable cause in question. With their combined skills and expertise, they are well-equipped to handle any challenge that may arise and to ensure the event is a resounding success.




Sustainability in Fashion




Join us for the Pur Fae Swim Charity Auction hosted by, which aims to benefit The Big Blue & You.

Through PUR FAE SWIM swimwear’s top creatives have access to the runway to add a touch of magic to a whimsical, faerie land aesthetic defining their version of a sustainable fae mystic through their personal expressions. unlike other Swim Week shows we do not charge the designers to participate in our fully curated, designer-only show. we anticipate they will redirect those resources into their collections and presentation.

A plus event production co inc presents a diverse roster of designers — big and small, domestic and international – while giving access to buyers of all levels including the general public, so they can discover and fall in love with new labels and fashion trends.



  • Swim Week 2021
  • Swim Week 2022
  • Art Basel 2018-2022
  • Motorcar Calvacade 2023
  • SOBEWFF 2023
  • National Cycling League 2023
  • F1 Sustainability Mastermind & Fashion Show 2023
  • Superbowl Halftime Show 2023


  • Art Basel 2023
  • SoFlo Poker Run 2024


  • Corporate Galas, Workshops
  • Fundraisers
  • Campaign Kick-offs
  • Network TV including Live News & Serial TV
  • Movies, Castings



  • Grassroots: Our marketing push began with the grassroots buzz generated from the models’ anticipation to walk into our show from previous experience and our Instagram marketing. This resulted in a wildly successful initial casting in April that generated more than 10,000 views on our primary account alone.
  • Digital Marketing: We have set aside 20% of our budget to spend on advertising between all platforms with most of that going toward digital marketing on all relevant platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and Snapchat. We are promoting the event ticket links, streaming, and our website/socials
  • Paid Placed: We will place our press release on critical fashion trades, blogs, and portals. We have already worked with Fashion Week Online, the premier portal for all fashion week shows with a discount code for their VIP membership.
  • Earned: We have already confirmed the media and photographers who will be in attendance. Our relationships include Getty photographers, NOW Magazine, Deco Drive, and more. Our PR has been successful in turning out the press and this year is no different. We have seating set aside for the media who will be covering the show.
  • PR: Our PR representative is successful in getting our release placed and confirmed by all press including fashion VIPS, photographers, and editors. We are turnkey in this process at this point.
  • Influencers: We are utilizing verified influencers with high engagement and significant followings. They will have an affiliate link and promote the show on their channels.



  • Live Streaming: We will be Live Streaming globally via an accessible link to anyone who would like to watch the show. The potential here is limitless. We are targeting tens of thousands, if not more
  • Documentary: After the show, we are producing a “Making of Swim Week” style documentary about the production and show. This will be sold to streaming platforms like Netflix and Prime Video
  • YouTube: The live stream will remain on YouTube for perpetuity. We will promote that link through the year and into the Swim Week 2024 life cycle


          PUR FAE SWIM

          • Title Sponsor – Customized ROI plus highest perks of all levels including on-stage remarks with video up to 10 minutes combined, title sponsor of all activations including all remaining castings post close:  Talk To Us To Know More

          • Presenting Sponsor (Unicorn) – PARTNER plus presented by billing on all marketing collateral, cover & center spread, VIP sections: Lounge (indoors and outdoor runway), on-stage remarks with a 1-minute video, 5 minutes combined: Talk To Us To Know More

          • Benefactor (Nymph) – FRIEND plus 2nd-row seating, ticket buyer data, 1 page in the front half of the program, live mentions by the host, VIP Lounge access, media interview: Talk To Us To Know More

          • Friend (Pixie) – AMBASSADOR plus 4 event tickets, live DJ mentions, .50 page in the program: Talk To Us To Know More

          • Ambassador (Sprite) – 2 event tickets, logo on select marketing, Step-n-Repeat inclusion, .25-page ad in program, dedicated IG post, logo on website as sponsor: Talk To Us To Know More

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