• Show: We expect 650 attendees at The Bass on the day of the show.
  • Live Streaming: We will be Live Streaming globally via an accessible link to anyone who would like to watch the show. The potential here is limitless. We are targeting tens of thousands, if not more
  • Documentary: After the show, we are producing a “Making of Swim Week” style documentary about the production and show. This will be sold to streaming platforms like Netflix and Prime Video
  • Yacht Brunch: Due to the size of the vessel, this is the most exclusive activation with an estimated 250 people all VIPs, celebrities, models, designers, and the event committee
  • After Party: Ideally, the space holds 600 to 1,200 people during the course of the event
  • YouTube: The live stream will remain on YouTube for perpetuity. We will promote that link through the year and into the Swim Week 2024 life cycle