Discover the quintessence of Miami Swim Week with the inimitable Aspen Powers. Subsequently, the newly minted Event Producer on the Rodeo Swim roster. Aspen brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the A Plus Events team. Let’s dive into the five facets that make his, a name, synonymous with innovation and luxury.

From Boardrooms to the Rodeo Swim Backstage

Aspens’ rarified journey from Connecticut’s financial sector to the backstage buzz of Miami Swim Week embodies an invaluable professional versatility. His diverse background honed a keen acumen for blending visual creativity with commerce, a trait ensuring Rodeo Swim’s activations are market-defining moments.

Thus The Travelpreneur’s Vision

As the CEO of TV Project Greenlight, Aspen’s signature “travelpreneurship” has seen him navigate the high seas of television production, anchoring successful series with industry giants like Paramount Plus and National Geographic. His global sensibility will make #RodeoSwim a trending topic and a staple in the social media feeds of fashion aficionados.

aspen powers standing in the  backlot at fox studios between the letter o and the letter x of the fox logo that is purple. sunlight is half cast in the image and part of the image is in shadow.
Aspen Powers brings his television and documentary-style production acumen to A Plus Events for Rodeo Swim during Miami Swim Week 2024.

Strategic Collaborations

In the same fashion as he joined forces with creative luminaries, David Rousseau and TrueNorth, to produce their “Travelpolitans” series, to be sure it’s only a hint of the disruptive innovation he’s bringing to Rodeo Swim. With Aspen onboard, A Plus Events promises activations that keep redefining luxury swimwear fashion shows by pushing boundaries and breaking barriers.

Unquestionably Curating Sophistication

With Travelpolitans Go, Aspen curates a realm where luxury fashion meets the exclusive world of bespoke travel. This initiative is poised to resonate with the stylish jet-setter. He brings an ability to curate limited-edition essentials for the #RodeoSwim runway, upholding Miami’s reputation as a haven for the chic and elite.

pictured man in lower third of three-tiered image from different locales: mountainous outcrops, fjords and in front of a yellow and pink and glass staircase. Perserverance is in white lettering in the bottom left.
From all around the world, Aspen Powers speaks to the hearts and minds of those who love to live the good life.

A Legacy of Impactful Narratives

Above all, Aspen is on a quest to weave stories that matter. His dedication to storytelling brings new depth to Rodeo Swim, making it more than a seasonal highlight. Soon A Plus Events and Rodeo Swim will be a conversation piece extending far beyond Miami Swim Week.

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming swim season, we invite you to stay updated on Rodeo Swim. That is to say, don’t miss out on the latest developments and exclusive content.

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