Buckle Bunnies & Pick-Up Riders

Fashion enthusiasts and rodeo fans, it’s time to saddle up and join the ranks at Rodeo Swim, the crown jewel of Miami Swim Week. We’re rounding up volunteers to help bring our “Country Glitz” to life. This is your exclusive chance to experience the thrill of the fashion industry from the inside this go-round.

Why Volunteer at Rodeo Swim?

Volunteering at Rodeo Swim is your ticket to the rodeo of fashion. You’ll gain invaluable experience, connect with industry trailblazers, and add a unique flair to your resume.

Who Are We Looking For?

Ready for a challenge? Passionate about fashion? We’re seeking individuals who bring enthusiasm, dedication, and a touch of rodeo glamour to every task. Whether you’re a student, an aspiring fashion professional, or simply love the energy of event production, your contribution will make waves. It’s a bonus if you know how to be organized and have follow-through!

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Volunteer Roles at Rodeo Swim

As we have said, this is not our first rodeo, so we know exactly what we need this go-round. From staging to managing the models, helping with castings, we have a variety of roles to fill. Get hands-on experience in:

  • Project Management
  • Event Setup & Coordination
  • Ticketing & Reception
  • Model Management
  • VIP Guest Services
  • Social Media & Live Coverage
  • And more!

Perks of Volunteering

Aside from the experience, volunteers will receive exclusive Rodeo Swim perks, access to select events, and a chance to network with designers, models, and influencers. It’s your all-access pass to the talk of Miami Swim Week.

How to Apply for Rodeo Swim?

Ready to join the rodeo? Head over to our Volunteer Page to submit your application. Spots are limited, so gallop over before they’re gone!

Be Part of Miami Swim Week Country Glitz

Rodeo Swim – Miami Swim Week – is more than just a fashion show; it’s a celebration of creativity and innovation in the swimwear industry. By volunteering, you become part of our mission to showcase the art of design and the spirit of the rodeo.