A Plus Events and Rodeo Swim are explicitly thrilled to announce the launch of the S[w]WAG (Swim[wear] Week Awards Gala), a groundbreaking initiative to honor the remarkable talents of the 2023 Miami Swim Week cycle. This is your chance to shine a spotlight on the industry’s finest and celebrate their contributions and excellence in the world of swimwear fashion.

Nominate Your Favorites: Recognize the S[w]WAG

The S[w]WAG nomination process is now open on our website, offering a platform for everyone to nominate their favorite designers, models, photographers, and more. Whether you’re nominating yourself or a colleague, complete the required fields and submit your entry. Remember, the deadline for nominations is May 24th, so don’t miss your chance to participate!

Firstly Eligibility and Categories: A Wide Array of Talent

Participants of the 2023 Miami Swim Week cycle are eligible for nomination in various categories. This inclusivity ensures that every aspect of the swimwear fashion industry is recognized and celebrated. From innovative designers to captivating models, we want to highlight the diversity and creativity that define Miami Swim Week.

Gold circle with the letters S bracket w bracket WAG for swimwear week
Introducing the S[w]WAG, Swim[wear] Week Awards Gala

S[w]WAG Voting Process: Your Voice Emphatically Matters

Following nominations, the top three nominees in each category will be selected for official voting by our esteemed panel of judges. This process guarantees that the awards reflect the highest standards of excellence and are awarded to the most deserving candidates.

Awards Announcement: A Night of Excellence

The climax of this exciting journey and the end of our Miami Swim Season will be S[w]WAG. On Saturday, July 6th, the winners will be announced in a glamorous ceremony. This will be a night to celebrate the achievements and contributions of Miami’s swimwear fashion industry’s brightest stars.

Celebrate Excellence with Us

Finally, we invite you to be a part of this exciting journey by submitting your nominations and supporting your favorites. Let’s come together to acknowledge the hard work, creativity, and dedication of all who make Miami Swim Week an unforgettable experience.