This year, Rodeo Swim is set to dazzle Rodeo Swim attendees with the much-anticipated return of A Plus Events’ iconic 100-foot runway. After experimenting with a creative, artsy runway last year, we are thrilled to announce that the grandeur of the full-length runway is back, promising a more spectacular show than ever before.

A Nod to the A Plus Tradition

In the first two cycles of Miami Swim Week that A Plus Events participated in along with the Washington Avenue BID, the 100-foot runway was a cornerstone of our showcases. It allowed for dramatic, eye-catching presentations that left lasting impressions. This year, we’re going back to our roots.

lisa nicole collection and kokonuts featured on the Splashing Lights runway during cycle 2022 for the Washington Ave BID Miami Swim Week Fashion Show. It was the 2nd year the show featured a 100-foot runway.
Lisa Nicole Collection and Kokonuts take the runway at Splashing Lights during the WAVE Fashion Show during Miami Swim Week 2022.

Why Size Matters

A longer runway isn’t just about the physical space—it’s about the experience. It allows for more dynamic, engaging presentations and gives each designer a broader canvas to showcase their creativity and craftsmanship. More importantly, it enhances the visibility of every detail in the designs, from intricate stitching to flowing fabrics, ensuring that every attendee can appreciate the artistry involved.

Last Year’s Lessons

Last year’s shorter, painted—”do it until it’s art”—runway was a creative venture, exploring new concepts and presentation styles. However, it fell short of providing the grand spectacle our audience had come to expect. We listened to your feedback, and it was clear: the awe-inspiring 100-foot runway needed to make a comeback.

featured adore us swimwear at exchange south beach the 2023 venue for pur fae swim with a painted runway that was a work of art. the image is a model superimposed on her own picutre in aone piece bathing suit and metallic thigh high pink stiletto boots
Adore Us Swimwear was featured on the painted runway at Pur Fae Swim during cycle 2023.

What to Expect This Year

This year at 1111 Lincoln Road, expect to be blown away. The 100-foot runway will not only showcase the latest trends of our amazing line up of designers including, DLOVE, Zadore, Porshia by Porshia Banks, and Berry Beachy Swimwear, but also elevate the entire event, making it a standout production of Miami Swim Week. Attendees will experience the magic of swim fashion in an unparalleled setting, enhanced by the dramatic length of the runway. Of course, there are other amazing surprises in store!

Don’t Miss Out on the VIP Experience

With the return of the 100-foot runway, our VIP tickets are in high demand. These tickets offer premium seating, exclusive access to designer interactions, and complimentary amenities that will make your experience unforgettable. Don’t wait—secure your VIP tickets now before they sell out!