The exhilaration of the Miami Grand Prix sets the stage for a luxury-filled Miami experience. If you’re a race aficionado, extend the thrill at Rodeo Swim, a highlight of Miami Swim Week. Here’s why the transition from racetrack to runway is seamless:

Miami Grand Prix-Style Luxury Continues at Rodeo Swim

After the high-speed excitement of the races, immerse yourself in the luxury of Rodeo Swim. Our event aligns with the same style and tastes, showcasing the latest in swimwear fashion in an exclusive setting.

VIP Access with Extraordinary Perks

Experience VIP treatment akin to the Miami Grand Prix with Rodeo Swim’s VIP packages. Enjoy special access, bespoke merchandise, and luxurious gifts that elevate your fashion show experience.

S[w]WAG Inclusion for the Miami Grand Prix Elite

Select VIP packages grant access to our S[W]WAG (Swim[wear] Week Awards Gala), offering a night of elegance with a premium gift bag, reminiscent of the Grand Prix’s exclusive events.

Network with the Crème de la Crème

Like the Miami Grand Prix, Rodeo Swim attracts an elite crowd, including celebrities, influencers, and media, providing an unparalleled networking opportunity in a glamorous setting. As a magnet for media, Rodeo Swim makes the perfect way to mingle and expand your network in a way that’s just as exhilarating as the races.

From High-Speed to High-Fashion

Transition from the peak of racing to the pinnacle of swimwear fashion at Rodeo Swim. Both events epitomize the essence of Miami’s luxurious lifestyle. It’s an opportunity to experience another facet of Miami’s vibrant luxury scene, just weeks after the race and keeps the party going.

For race fans, Rodeo Swim during Miami Swim Week offers a continuation of the luxury, thrill, and exclusivity you relish. Join us and dive into an unforgettable luxe experience that blends the excitement you love with the fashion you desire.

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